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Rank Demotion, Level Limit recruits, inactive players

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I'm sure most of you all have noticed a number of changes in our guild LH (LionHeart)

The first notice I'd like to address is the downsize Of our guild has become. Over the week alot of inactive players has been let go due to inactivity. The reason for this is to make sure our guild stays active and room for more players who are active that will bentit from our guild and eachother. It looks kinda tacky with 160 members in our guild with only 7 on. Get the picture? Lol

Another issue that has come across me is the level limit recruits.. Our guild is in need of higher level recruits. The level limit now is currently at level 40 and higher. That is an average level to recruit.. 40 and above show that the recruit has a higher chance of being active. That's what we are looking for at the moment. It's the admins and my job to keep the guild looking fresh with new faces and friends. More active friendly players equal a good foundation for LH and an active Guild Chat.

Next subject is the massive rank demotion. I know many of former admins are wondering why you were demoted. It's not that I don't like you.. Not that I don't consider you a friend.. It's simply because of the new direction I would like to take LH. The current admins in our guild are of my closest members, loyal to the guild and members I trust in judgement and advice. I would like to make being an admin mean something great. To be an admin means you've proved to me that your "ride or die" for the guild lol. Not that many of you haven't proved that already but having 20 admins doesn't really make you feel like anything special, am I right? Lol so I came up with an idea, for every 8-10 new members we recruit, a member will be promoted to admin rank. That way while we are growing, so will our admin will. Having 80 members in LH with 40 admins looks kinda bad. Lol. Please don't take the demotions to the butt, I still love you all and we are all friends Smile I hope this made sense.

If you have any questions or comments please reply to this post and I will do my best to make sure everyone is happy Smile and no I will not power level anyone Smile thanks and enjoy your stay at the LionHeart Inn

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Thanks for explaining! Answered my question Very Happy

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