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Knaswah's Prison (KP) Healer's Guide All Bosses

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Guide to Healing KP

KP is a bit harder to heal than RK, as it demands a bit more healing power and being more alert than in RK, since people's HPs can get as low as 5-10% at times, so if you miss a heal, your party could wipe. So I'd suggest gearing up a little in RK (get your 3 essence of swamp there and make 2/6 epic, farm prince for souls and buy ring and/or necklace. The ring from RK is also very good).

WARNING: They can stun (knockback) preventing you from healing.
Solution: Get a mage to ice them. If no mage, stand behind everyone so that the knockdown hits your other party members and not you. You can't afford to be knocked down and be unable to heal.

Things to watch out for:
1) Stuns
2) Stray mob going after ranger and/or mage if they crit hard. Be prepared to Rapid Heal that person.

So when everyone's ready, start of as usual: Restore tank, rapid heal him once until he establishes aggro and/or pops stance.
Then switch target to mage and be prepared to Rapid Heal him if he gets hit.
Also prepare to rapid heal ranger if his AOE shots managed to crit a mob too hard...
If you are sure you're not getting stunned, you can do Prayer and/or Ring of Healing as well.

The hardest part about him is his Cyclone Slash. It hits people HARD, and will one-shot everyone that gets caught in the cyclone.

Otherwise, an easy boss as his HP isn't that high and he can be killed quickly.

So 2 important things:
1. Tank must have solid aggro on boss at all times. If he goes after someone else, that someone else will die guaranteed and others might die because he might be in range of healer or DPS and one shot them when he cyclones.
2. When he cyclones, you have to make sure the tank will live through it every time. All other DPS must stay out of the cyclone (more true for Sin Rangers and DPS Warriors that melee. Ranged attackers should never be even close to him.)

So point #1 is about the tank, not about you, so skip.
Point #2 -- is about you and tank coordinating.

Tanks have a skill that can reduce damage done to them-- it's called Guardian Stance. When they are in these stances, they can stand in the cyclone and live through it.
You have a skill that can reduce damange done to your whole party-- it's called Prayer of Pure Faith. It lessens damage while at the same time healing while you are channeling the spell.

So as you can see, both accomplish the same thing. And both have to be used whenever he cyclones.
Usually the tank will pop stance first, so you just continue to Rapid Heal him.

(Ranged DPS should never get any damage, except when they accidentally attack when his "Aura" is up (it's a purple glow around him with confetti swirling around him-- he stand there and doesn't attack at all when he does this-- what happens is that he'll reflect DPS back to the person attacking him.) So if a Ranger crits him for 1500hp, the ranger will be hit with 1500hp exactly -- a 1:1 reflect of damage. Yep! So you'll need to heal the ranger then.)

So I'd rapid heal only the tank -- or Ring of Healing if there's melee too. And Rapid Heal to anyone that attacked when his aura was up.

And when he cyclones, alternate between the tank going into stance and you using Prayer.
You might have to move up a little in order to do Prayer so that the tank is in your range (Ideally tank would move towards you if he find he's not in the ring range, but the thank may not know that you cannot move when you are casting Prayer). The Prayer range is shorter than Ring, remember.

Note that when he cyclones, he doesn't not move, as long as aggro is on the tank. He stand in one place and cyclones on the tank. So if somehow he moved (b/c DPS took aggro away or tank lost aggro), you better RUN the hell away or cast Prayer if it's your turn to do Prayer. Otherwise he will one shot you before you can blink.

If you live through the cyclones well, and if the tank holds good aggro so that DPS can just burn him down quickly, then the fight will be over quickly and easily.

Most important thing about Ariel is the position of your team members.
It MUST be in this order in single file line:
(Ariel) -- (Tank) -- (DPS 1) --- (DPS 2) --- (Healer)
You have to be the furthest one back.
Why? Because otherwise he stuns and you cannot heal = Pwned by Ariel
When you stand that way, he'll stun the tank, DPS 1 or DPS 2, so you stay unstunned and able to continue healing...

Basically the fight is spamming Ring of Healing + Prayer everytime it's available. Rapid Heal if the tank goes down in HP too much.
That's it.
Ariel does an AOE bleeding damage that slowly drains everyone's HP throughout the entire fight that never stops, so you have to heal everyone at the same time, constantly = Ring of Healing / Prayer spam

That's why even with one stun, you are all dead.
So it's a very easy fight if people can stand in the correct order.
Or it's a frustrating wiping fight if people don't know or don't listen.

As a general rule, and in one sentence, healing here is simple:
Spam Ring of Healing, Rapid Heal on Tank, and Prayer whenever the cooldown is up. That should keep you all alive.

Now, in more detail if you wanna be a "pro" read further:

When he shows up his first attack is an AOE spell that will hit everyone for a good 50% or more HP.
However, you will have to all run up to him,
Then immediately do Ring of Healing. (You have some time b/c his next AOE damage isn't until after he attacks tank first)
Then Rapid on Tank when Cosmo single target does damage to him.
Then Ring of Healing so that it heals as soon as he AOE damages everyone.
Move out of the rain of fire balls (this applies to everyone except tank if it happens to come on top of him).
I'd do one Prayer of Pure Faith here as well instead of Ring of Healing.

Know his attack pattern, and adjust healing accordingly. That will make your heals much more efficient, saving mana, and being less stressful. You'll get the hang of it as you start doing the fight more and see his pattern and get a feel for your and Cosmo's cast times. Took me many runs to really get the rhythm right. That means, as Cosmo is casting his spell, you also start to cast your heal shortly after (his AOE frost bolt cast time is longer than your Ring of Healing cast time), so that his damage hits and your heal hits right afterwards with very little delay... I'm still not perfect yet, but that's what makes me run KP now, just to see how good I can get that timing...

[ROH = Ring of Healing, RH = Rapid Heal, PPF = Prayer of Pure Faith, R = Restore]

Which is:
PHASE 1 - Human
1. AOE magic on everyone (ROH)
2. Single target magic on tank (RH)
3. AOE on everyone, (ROH or PPF)
4. Fire balls in one spot (PPF will heal through even if standing in fireball)
5. Repeat above

1. Melee attack on tank (swings his huge sword) (RH)
2. HUGE AOE DOT magic on everyone that lasts a good 5 seconds (he doesn't physically swing his sword) (PPF, or ROH if on cooldown)
3. Summons Puppet, as he says "The dead, fight with ME!!" (continue PPF or ROH)
4. Melee attacks tank (RH)
5. If Puppet is not killed within 2 seconds, he'll regain his HP as he says "Give me your power!" (THIS IS BAD!)
6. Huge AOE magic damage on everyone (PPF or ROH)
7. Summons Puppet...repeat above steps
-- This keeps repeating until his HP is down to like 15% when he transforms back to human

Same as Phase 1.

So in Phase 2, you want to Rapid Heal the tank when he attacks only him.
Then when he's standing in place holding his sword with both hands and doing the shadow damage on everyone (you'll see black shower on everyone), you must spam ring of healing to keep up with the huge damage. You *cannot* afford to pause in between: You must spam it back to back continuously.
When Prayer is ready, save prayer for when he's doing the AOE damage, it'll give a little time to breathe and assess your situation (your mana level, your mage's mana level, mage/ranger's HP, etc.)

About Mana / Divine Breath (DB)
I normally DB the mage so that he can have mana to burn down the puppets quickly, which is the crux of this fight. If the puppets don't die, the fight can literally last forever as the boss will just regain health back up to 100%. You can be in there all day and night, but that's not what we want, as much as you might love Cosmo and he might be your father... :/
However, if your gear isn't that good and you're running out of mana fast, please do DB yourself if you need it and let the mage pot. The mage should have pots on-hand for Cosmo anyways b/c he's useless without mana.
I think when I was just starting off in KP, I was DBing myself. Then I potted and DB'd the mage.
Now, I have enough mana and I'm more efficient cos I don't "waste" my mana as I know when to use what spells when, so I never run out of mana. (With a good group, of course: if puppets don't die, I have to heal more than I should, and I could run out of mana then...)

For Cosmo,
- If the party wipes it's probably your fault
- If the fight goes on forever, it's definitely the DPS's fault
- If the fight ends in less than 6-7 mins, then you have a very good DPS team, a good tank, and you healed well.

So there you have it. As with everything else, you'll get better the more you do it.

*Credit to original pro team

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Great Thread Indeed.

Thanks a lot Catelyn, This will be most useful.

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