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Relic's Key (RK) Guide for Healers, Archers, and Tanks

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For first timers, here are some terms we use in game (so you don't feel like such a noob asking, what is XYZ?)
* DPS = literally, "Damage Per Second" = damage. As a verb, it means to do damage, attack.
* AOE = literally, "Area of Effect" = a spell or attack that has an effect on a wide area, or multiple targets. For example, an AOE Heal will heal multiple players in a certain range around the healer (in this game it's "Ring of Healing" spell). An AOE DPS will hit multiple mobs at the same time (e.g. Mage's Fire Barrage. DPS Warrior's Pounding Blow or Vortex Blade. Ranger's Split Shot or Exploding Shot).
* Aggro = A mob's attack focus on a certain player. In this game, the mob will focus attack on the one single player that does the most damage. However, he will also focus on the tank because tanks have abilities that force mobs to attack only him/her. If the mob or boss switches his attack focus to another player, it means that other player has out-damaged the mob. The tank has to regain the higher damage output and/or use his "hey you, aggro on me, not them" spells.


Trash Mobs
This dungeon has a lot of trash mobs. They all come in waves and move towards the center altar where Tharrath is standing. You need to make sure they don't get there because if he dies, you cannot summon the final boss and then you have to reset the dungeon and start over. Be mindful of archer mobs that range dps Tharrath, I've seen groups neglect that one archer mob and Tharrath health goes form 100 to 60 quick...

The waves come quick and there is really no time to rest unless your AOE dps is very high. And even so, it's a quick pace. So keep moving.

I hate the trash loot that drops from the trash mobs. They just fill up bag space, lol. I don't even pick them up any more... Why can't GL give us at least some greens that are vendorable or something? Not these rotted flesh and scale and whatnot... Which reminds me: DROPS. Someone made a good list of drops from each dungeon on the main O&C forums... I'll add the link here soon. Just so you know, the trash will drop Epic Recipes for Hood and Boots (which is also what Essense of Swamp from here is needed to craft them), so that's pretty much the only useful drops from the trash here. (Leet mages like Revjaq who can solo farm Legend dungeons can farm the trash for recipes, haha).

He must not die until the final boss. This is because he "summons" the final boss. If your party wipes on the final boss, the boss will attack Tharrath and kill him, and then just stand there in the middle altar. So you can actually go back and do the final boss again. If Tharrath dies before the final boss is summoned, you have to go out and reset the dungeon and try again.
He does not receive AOE heals. You have to manually heal him (I'll put that in the monk section).

Trash Mobs
Crocodiles & Turtles
Restore on tank when he rushes in to gather the croc and turtle trash mobs. Don't hit any of the mobs when you run in else they'll pwn you in 2 seconds. As soon as tank gathers the trash mobs (most tanks do them in 2 groups, some higher-geared ones will do all groups at once and go immediately into counter stance), do a Prayer of Pure Faith and then chain Ring of Healing, or just Rapid Heals on the Tank, keeping an eye out for the mage and ranger HP. If they pulled aggro and a mob is attacking them, they'll do down really fast, so you'll have to follow up with rapid heals on them. It is important to keep the DPS alive, as in all dungeons, because without DPS the fight is prolonged, which means your mana is used up, and so is everyone's Exhaust. Of course first priority is always the tank (b/c if he dies the whole party wipes), but the second most important thing is to keep DPS alive (and yourself too, duh). I always keep my mage in my target to rapid heal him if a mob attacks him, while always keeping an eye on the tank's HP. Some people prefer to just rapid heal the tank as soon as the mobs are gathered, then do Prayer if the mage gets hit...

Wave of Mobs (Demons, Ghosts, Wolves, etc.)
For the wave of mobs that come in after you talk to Tharrath, you want to focus on chain Ring of Healing. Do not use Prayer. Because most of those mobs have a knockdown and you'll probably get knocked down while doing Prayer and you would have just wasted your mana. Remember to keep your DPS alive, else the mob groups will go down too slowly and the next wave will come and pwn Tharrath = GG.

Divine Breath on the mage when he's at about 25% mana. You don't DB on yourself for the trash. Again, b/c mage AOE is powerful and he can kill mobs the fastest. And he can't do that when he's swinging his staff lol. Your mana regen should be much faster than the mage's. If you go low on mana, use a mana potion (aka "pot"). Again, don't DB yourself on the trash.

Tip: I start by keeping my target on the tank (which is what you should always be doing anyways). He might need a rapid heal if he's not in stance. But most of the time on trash clearing, my target is on the mage. Why? Because if his CC (crowd control) spells didn't hit and there's a mob coming after him, he will be two shotted in like one second, so you'll have to Rapid Heal him quickly. Also, that way I'm ready to DB him when his mana is low as well. You gotta show love to your mages here... <3

Also, if somehow Tharrath got hit by mobs (his HP will be shown on the right side of your screen), I'd throw him some Rapid Heals (or Devine Light if you specced that in your talent tree) to bring it back up just to be on the safe side. But don't do this at the expense of healing your group while clearing the trash. He does not receive AOE Heals from your Ring or Prayer, even if he is in range.

First Boss (Hathraad) - Elemental

Restore on tank before the boss shows up.
Rapid Heal once on tank. Wait a sec,
Then Ring of Healing. Ideally you want to time the Ring so that it heals right after the boss does AOE damage (he hurls a ice ball at everyone that does about 30%hp damage to everyone).

Normally I rotate between rapid on tank and ring of healing on most bosses, esp. if the tank isn't that good and/or his HP goes down too fast.
--> No need to heal other players besides via Ring of Healing.

When the boss splits into 3, use your first Prayer. This does two things: one, it mitigates the damage that the now 3 bosses are doing on the tank, and two, it is a very mana efficient spell that you should always use when the cooldown (which is a full minute) is done. (Only exception is when you can be stunned, then don't use Prayer). This boss does not stun, so use it whenever it's available.

Otherwise it's Ring of Healing right after he does AOE damage, rapid heal on tank, and prayer whenever it's up.

You should also DB the mage when his mana is low. Why? Because when he goes into 3 boss mode, the 2 images need to die quickly else they will just multiply and it'll be a mess. Mage AOE and DPS will kill those suckers fast, so you need make sure mage has the mana to do it.

That's the whole fight.

Second Boss (Kermode) - Bear
This boss stuns. So no prayer!

Restore on tank again before boss shows up.
Rapid heal after first attack.
The stun will do light damage to all parties, but not significant.
So your heal focus is on the tank.
Rapid Heal as soon as you get out of stun, Restore (keep Restore on tank at all times), and Ring of Healing.
Usually I can get those 3 things before the next stun if you do it in a chain right after another.
Rapid heal is first, because coming out of stun, the tank can be as much as 30%hp with crit from the boss...
At times DPS can pull aggro away from tank and boss will go after him. Rapid heal on that person if you can. Otherwise, focus all heals on tank only.

When he's down to about 20% HP, he'll grow big and his damage will increase. You should be especially quick to Rapid Heal the tank as soon as you are out of the stun. If he's not in stance (tank should be in Guardian Stance for this phase), his HP will go down really fast and he can die... Forget ring of healing, just rapid heal on tank only. If someone pulls aggro at this point, oh well... ><

Also, if you are lucky, you can actually "Resist" the stuns. It's happened to me a few times, but it's not often, so don't expect it. So that gives you an opportunity to Restore on tank and throw a Rapid Heal on Tank or DB the mage.

Final Boss (Alr-Rahjil) - Dragon
Restore on tank before boss shows up.
Tank should ideally be dragging him to a place that doesn't have too much obstacles around. Usually the water to the west is a good place. So while he's dragging, Rapid Heal on him as the boss attacks him.

Once in position, it's just spamming Ring of Healing with Rapid Heals on tank when his HP goes below 50%. With my gear, I hardly need to Rapid Heal the tank even... Ring will heal him fine. If you are just starting, it might not be enough, FYI.

As with every other member of the group, when dark circles form underneath you, move out of it (He says "Tremor in Terror" when he does this). I normally move to the right. But sometimes left is closer. You want to make sure after you move, everyone in your party is still within your heal range. Otherwise as soon as you cast Ring of Healing, position yourself so that you are in the center to heal everyone. Be mindful of mages and rangers who are standing the circle, you might need to Rapid Heal them if they didn't move quickly enough.

Boss will go around and drain health from a random person, but no need to rapid heal that person. Just Ring of Healing will cover it. Unless it's the tank, you want to rapid heal the tank.

When boss is down to about 20% health, he will say "Out, Brief Life"!" and graphically he will stop attacking and bounce up and down in place, flapping his wings. As soon as he does this, STOP whatever you were doing (even if you were in the middle of casting Ring-- cancel it by moving your toon) and IMMEDIATELY cast Prayer. You have about 1.5 seconds to do it. Ideally everyone's HP should be at full health before he "blows up"-- otherwise that person can die. I find that after he blows up, Mages go down in HP the most (down to about 20%), then rangers (down to about 30-35%) and tanks only go down maybe 50%. You go down to about 30-35%). And after the damage, the Prayer should still be going and everyone's HP should be pretty close to 100% full again. Then follow up with Ring of Healing spam with spot Rapid Heals on tank as before till he dies, all the while moving out of the circles.

After that, if your Prayer is up, you can stick in a Prayer in your routine. When casting prayer, you don't need to move of of circle if it's under you, as the damage mitigation can be healed through. (Might not work for lesser geared monks, though).
The reason why I don't use prayer before the "Out Brief Life" stage is because you don't want to risk having Prayer being on cooldown at the moment you need it and you wiping the group. I guess you can use it right at the beginning because it'll probably take more than 60 seconds for him to get from 100 to 20% health, but I would just rather not risk it.. (As a 6/6 Healer, you can use Prayer in the beginning as your cooldown is only 40 seconds. Even if a very high DPS group, you'll have time for your second prayer at thisb critical stage.)

Normally you might be pretty close to being out of mana by the end of the fight. I normally DB the mage and use pot for myself. However, if your gear is not as good, you might be better off DBing yourself in this situation and let the mage pout and swing his staff lol... (Ideally mage should have pots handy for these kinds of situations, don't rely on monks for all your mana needs...!)

And that's how I do RK. For me, it's the easiest dungeon to heal and I've done it the most.

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Just a quick note to all DPS. The best DPS players know patience and restraint. You don't want to pull aggro off the tank. It a) wastes the healer's mana because they have to heal you instead of focusing on the tank, and b) it can waste the tank's morale because he'll have to use it to try to get aggro back from you. And of course, c) you will most likely squish and be dead.

So in general, in dungeons, unless otherwise required by the fight mechanics (e.g. Puppets for Cosmo in KP), you don't want to go melt face and unleash your DPS power. That's what PvP is for. Dungeon DPS is all about restraint and judgement.

That means, don't ever ever be the first to attack. Never. No argument, unless you like suicide. Let tank attack first.

My normal rule of thumb is about 2-3 seconds. If it helps, just jump up and down like 6 times and then start attacking. I'm totally serious. Or dance or blow a kiss to the healer and then attack.

Also, in the event that you do pull aggro (hey, it happens even to the best PvE DPSers b/c you can't really control how often you crit), DO NOT RUN AWAY. Run TOWARDS the tank. Not away. It's human nature to juts react and run away. But don't. Why? If you do, you make the tank's job harder: the tank has to chase you and the boss down if you run away. Also healer is probably chasing after you three... So again, don't run away if you pull aggro, run towards the tank, okay? "Tank, save me~!!! I pulled aggro~~" is what you should be saying...

Your second important role is AOE. Use all your AOE cooldowns on trash mobs. Mages and Rangers. That's what they are for. If mobs don't die quickly, fight becomes long, healer mana goes down, exhaust goes up, yada yada... Don't let me catch you single DPSing a mob. I've seen people do that. Autoattacking one single mob. No.

So again,
Rule #1, Wait to attack, don't pull aggro from tank. If you do, run towards tank.
Rule #2, use your AOE abilities to help clear trash mobs quickly

Trash Mobs
I apply (as archer) Paralyzing Toxicity to my bow and Acute Toxicity to my two daggers. This is help when you aggro a trash mob that they will move towards you slowly giving the tank some time to grab him, while also giving you time to run and avoid being hit. Right before bosses, I apply Acute Toxcitity to my bow as to enhance the poison DOT (damage over time) effect to do more DPS on the bosses. After boss, I go back to Acute on the bow. So I switch back and forth like this during the whole run. If you don't want to bother, just do Acute Toxicity. (Apply it once inside dungeon-- if you do it outside and enter, the poison is cancelled--- and of course you can't apply poison while in combat so you have to do it fast between the waves.)

Wait 1-2 seconds, then target one of the mobs and Split Shot, then Explosion Shot. Then again when their cooldown is done. Save vigor only for those, autoshoot in between.

I like to switch target after the first round, because if I'm targetting just one mob (even though AOE hits other mobs), I have a greater chance of pulling aggro on that mob. So I switch and then do split shot and explosion shot on another one. If you do this, mobs will go down really quickly and efficiently. DO NOT single DPS a trash mob. You'll slow down the fight and you will probably get yourself killed by pulling aggro.

First Boss (Hathraad) - Elemental
Dance for about 3 seconds so that tank can establish aggro. A good rule of thumb is to just stand there and pick your nose until the boss does his first AOE damage. Then start autoshooting the boss. Why? Because you want to save your Vigor for when he splits.

When he splits, target one of the split images and Split Shot, Explosion Shot, Avulsion Shot, Rapid Shot till dead. I find that while Snipe might kill one of them quicker, the point is to kill them both quicker, and so the AOE damage is better than single targetting. And you are complementing what the mage is doing, which is AOE damage on all 3. Move to the other image if it's still alive. With a good mage, you they should be dead quickly.

This is your most important role in this fight. Get those images of of the boss dead quickly. Why? Because they all attack the tank and with 3 of them they do greater damage to tank.

So again, just autoshoot on boss, go all out of the images. Done.

Second Boss (Kermode) - Bear
When boss shows up, dance or sort out your bag, throw out all those crappy drops from the trash mobs. Maybe type something witty in team chat. Okay, so tank has aggro now? Let's start... (Good rule of thumb here, is don't attack until the first stun.) This boss is more easy for the tank to lose aggro because of the stun; coming out of stun if tank doesn't Swift Strike right away, or misses, then the bear will come to you.

Your main job here is steady DPS without pulling aggro. If you pull aggro you might be dead. If you do, don't run. Run TOWARDS the tank, not away from him (see above)
So don't go all out and melt face right off the bat.

What I do it start off with Avulsion shot, and then Rapid Shot. I find that Shooter Stance isn't going to be too useful because you'll get stunned before it's up anyways and it's a waste of Vigor.

I'll start using Snipe after about the 3rd stun round, then follow up with Avulsion and Rapid.

When he's down to about 20% HP, he'll grow big and his damage will increase. This is when you want to go all out and DPS him down as quickly as possible. If you were doing steady DPS until now, and tank is good, you will not pull aggro.

So Snipe every time it's up, Avulsion, Rapid, whatever you got, just go all out.

Final Boss (Alr-Rahjil) - Dragon
Your main goal: Stay alive.
Second goal: Steady DPS, don't pull aggro.

Stay alive? Simply move out of circles (he says "Tremble in Terror"). You and mage will die quickly if you stand in it for too long. You can be out of range of the circle and still shoot the boss down, but then you might also be out of range of the healer, so try to stay closer rather than far away. However maintain some distance, else you'll autoattack melee instead of ranged. Unless you're Assassin spec, then well, you are meleeing...

Steady DPS? Yes, start off slow. Autoattack at first. Avulsion shot whenever it's up. I'd move to Snipe after about the 3rd dark circle... After he explodes, I will get more aggressive on DPS as your chance to pull aggro is then very low.
Again, same rule-- if you pull aggro, run towards tank, avoiding dark circles. Else you force tank to move around and possibly into the circle and that's just a waste of time.

Sometimes if I'm far back enough when he explodes ("Out, Brief Life!"), I'll just hit Escape and run away. Then run back when he's done. That would work also. Otherwise, stay close to healer who should be doing Prayer at that stage. FYI, the range for Prayer heal is shorter than Ring of Healing, so even if you were receiving heals as part of the Ring, you might not be in the range of the Prayer, and if so, it's bye bye for you when he explodes. You'll know if you're in range for the prayer because you'll have little rings around you.

That's basically it.

It's so much easier to pew pew as a ranger than a monk... Patience is key.
"It's a marathon, not a sprint." is a good thing to keep in mind with respect to DPS in a dungeon. Because frankly, you will NOT one-shot a dungeon boss, I don't care how "pro" you are. So you don't want to start off all out on a boss, okay?

I've never tried, but I think the same rule applies as to the other DPS notes above. Only thing is, you want to stand where the tank is standing so that you are out of the dark cirlces in the final boss. Someone else contribute the name of the exact DPS Melee spells, but general rule-- start steady and slow, don't use your biggest damage spells until well into the fight and towards the end. Save them for the images of Hathraad, etc.

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One of the most important things as a tank in this dungeon is knowing the order of the mob spawns. I recommend running RK on normal to learn the orders and to also familiarize yourself with the dungeon in general. You should also study the video in the first post.

Your main job is to be the meat shield, to absorb all the damage and HOLD THE AGGRO.

What is "aggro"?

Aggro is a jargon word in WoW, probably originally derived from the English words "aggravation" or "aggression". In MMORPGs, such as WoW, aggro denotes the aggressive interests of a monster/NPC.

To break it down to a more simple way.. keep the pissed off monsters on you and no one else. Using all the skills listed above will better your chances of doing that. The main ability you will use is SWIFT STRIKE. Spam that move every chance you get.

Ok, now that we know whats needed to tank we can begin. You should get health potions to better your chances at survival. By now you know the order of the mobs. Follow the warrior in the video above.

In the beginning I recommend grabbing only as many mob groups as you can handle. The tank in the video grabbed the first two groups which is pretty common. Using any AOEs you might have (ankle slash/pounding glow) to generate a little bit of hate and again spamming Swift Strike every chance you can. The DPS on your team should take care of the rest while you're being healed by the monk. You will continue to clear the rest of the mobs using the same methods. If at anytime you see yourself losing aggro because there's too many, use Counter Stance.

Here's a hint for Guardian Stance and Counter Stance. They both exhaust morale while active. For Guardian Stance use it if your heals are struggling or basically any 'OH * ' moment. For Counter Stance, to have all targets lock on to you. But since both these skills deplete your morale you should cancel the abilities when you've regained your health and retaken the aggro. If you do not cancel when you don't need the abilities anymore, you can be left with no morale making it impossible for you to use Swift Strike/Shield Slap,making you lose aggro, and potentially getting your team killed. If you take a lot of damage you may not have to worry about morale management as taking damage feeds your morale. Just keep an eye on your morale. KNOW WHEN TO CANCEL THE STANCE.

When the dungeon is clear someone will start the mob spawns by talking to the NPC (Non Player Character). This is where knowing the order of the mobs come into play. The team in the video stayed to kill the first spawn but its more effective to drag that first mob to where the second mob spawns. This ensures that the next mob does not get to the NPC as well as saves mana for the mage as he can use less magic by lumping both mobs in his attack.

After killing all three initial mobs you are ready for the first boss...

It's very simple. Do exactly what you've been doing. Focus on keeping the aggro from the main target and not the minions who are summoned. Let the DPS take care of them. Use Swift Strike, Shield Slap to hold aggro. Defensive Stance for those 'OH * ' moments or even if the monk needs to focus heals on someone else. This gives them time to bring others health back up while you're protected.

So after the first boss is killed you will have a second wave of mobs to kill. Again, you should know the order by now so this should be cake. I don't recommend dragging any mobs from the second wave as they tend to bug.

After all that you will face the second boss, Kermode. The only real difference is Kermode has the ability to knock you down and also silence you and your team. This can make it difficult for your healer to keep you up. Know when to use potions or even use Guardian Stance, but DO NOT EXHAUST ALL MORALE FROM STANCE. It is very easy to lose aggro from Kermode. He will kill anyone else on the team pretty fast and easy.

After Kermode, congratulations you are now on the 3rd and final wave and by now it should be easy to handle leaving you with the last boss upon completion.


Drag him to an area thats fairly open. Use Swift Strike/Shield Slap and Guardian Stance when needed (are we noticing a pattern yet?). Repeat, repeat, repeat while staying out of the black circle on the ground. The black circle tends to spawn where the DPS is at so try and stay away from the ranger and mage at all times to make it easier for yourself. When Alr-Rahjil's health is low he will begin to levitate. When this happens your monk should begin the ability Prayer. If you don't know what Prayer is then go find a monk before all this and have them show it to you. If he or she does not begin Prayer during this time, use Guardian Stance. Alr-Rahjil will unleash a vicious attack that will most likely kill your team unless they ran far away. Hopefully your monk remembered to use Prayer and you then can easily finish him off by doing what you have been doing. However, If your team wasn't as fortunate as you to have lived through the attack.. run around the map and buy time for them to return. Using Courage and health potions to regain health. Alternate between Counter Stance and Guardian Stance to increase you chances of survival. Run back towards the entrance so that the healer can get to you faster. When everyone is back, continue mission.

Hopefully this guide will give you an idea of what to expect along with the video. Don't be discouraged if you keep losing aggro or even fail a bit. Just keep practicing. Everyone starts as a noob.

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And wow again! These Are going to help new 60s a lot!

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Look at stark! Just dominating the forums right now Wink good work

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Right? Im excited to advertise this website to the alt guild, they ask so many questions and this stuff will help them understand

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Musts takin some time to right this all up.......shame most of it is incorrect -_- lol joking something's are different to how I know ppl to do them that's all

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