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Champions of LionHeart 1v1 PvP Tournament!

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1 Champions of LionHeart 1v1 PvP Tournament! on Fri Apr 27, 2012 9:29 pm

Who is the greatest of them all?
We shall soon find out!

When: SUNDAY 12am LA time, 4pm Perth, 6pm Sydney, 8pm NZ

Who: All members (except admins) welcome to enter, 5 gold entry fee (admins will donate 10g each to the winnings), All entrants will be drawn out of a hat and paired. winner of each pair proceeds to next round, loser is eliminated. winner of overall tournament takes gold, and fights winner from the admin tournament. Athena' will collect and present gold

Where: We will meet up at vega square 15min prior to start time, and move together to a designated area, our numbers should dissuade any outside interference, in case of interference, duel will restart after interloopers have been taken care of

There will not be separate categories for classes and no level restriction, however depending on the turn out we may have an under 60 tournament on the side.

Even if you aren't participating come down and enjoy the atmosphere with your fellow guildies!

Goodluck to all participants!


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Nice Im very excited, now I do have a few questions:
1: why not hold it in the tanned land? Less lag and less ppl
2: multiple toons, is each person just bringing their strongest?
3: not a question, more of a statement. How the he'll am I going to wake up at 11am on sunday ;p

P.S I am currently working out the details for a guild hide and seek game, maybe next weekend if everyone can come

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3 Re: Champions of LionHeart 1v1 PvP Tournament! on Sat Apr 28, 2012 10:36 pm

Ok tanned land it is, you can enter 1 toon in the tournament, and I guess you will just have to set your alarm lol

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Turned out to be 11pm lol so it worked out perfect

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5 Re: Champions of LionHeart 1v1 PvP Tournament! on Sun Apr 29, 2012 10:23 am

Woah haha good thing I'm admin cuz my monk has arrow of faithxD who do I give the 10g to? Or just give to winner later? I'll be at church during this

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